About RBI NJ

Welcome to Reporting Baseball iNew Jersey

RBI NJ was launched in mid-2013 to serve as the online community for all things baseball in New Jersey. Our goal is to promote the sport of baseball, and the players, across all levels within the state, and updates on former NJ high school players currently playing in college (send us ideas on players we might be overlooking). The content will include a variety of content, from game and feature stories to video interviews with the personalities that bring life to baseball in the state of New Jersey.

My name is Mark Tosh, and I will be your play-by-play man as we embark on this journey.

Let’s play ball!

2 thoughts on “About RBI NJ

    1. Hi David, I apologize for the long delay in responding to your comment. I have been involved with some other projects, but hope to turn my attention to RBI NJ as spring approaches.
      Are you still interested in being “involved” in some way? Thank you for finding the site, which must be a story in and of itself since I really didn’t do much to promote it….
      Thanks again,

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